Starshipit Ebook Guide 2024

Getting started with ship from store  

A retailer’s guide to mastering in store fulfilment. 

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Getting started with ship from store

Ship from store is the innovative omnichannel strategy that retailers around the world are using to redefine their approach to order fulfillment – and for good reason.  

If you’ve grown your network of physical stores but still haven’t implemented in-store fulfilment into your eCommerce strategy, you could be sitting on a gold mine of untapped potential. By utilising this approach, you'll have the opportunity to speed up delivery, and reduce shipping costs, all while making your customers happy 😃.  

Download the guide to learn: 

  • The concept of ship from store – turning your retail locations into mini distribution hubs. 
  • The benefits, like cost-savings and sustainability; and the potential limitations, of in-store fulfilment.  
  • Whether it’s right for your business, and if you’re prepared to implement ship from store. 
    • Do you have the right infrastructure in place for in-store fulfilment? 
    • Have you got enough trained staff to balance ship from store and customer support? 
    • What kind of technology will you need to keep things running smoothly? 

Plus, you’ll also find 3 case studies to learn how industry leaders such as Lorna Jane, Toyworld, and Target successfully applied this innovative strategy, seeing remarkable outcomes, including a staggering "118% increase in online conversion rates”. 

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